North West


mediumOfficial walk: morning of 18th May, but any time until the end of June.

The route has been designed to include some 20 locations, in each of which beliefs have a significant role. They include different religious centres – Christian, Muslim and Buddhist. They also include secular ones where individual beliefs have an impact on attitudes to life, work, relationships and death – Chamber of Commerce, Homelessness Centre, Hospital, Magistrates Court, Registry Office and War Memorial.
The 18th May event will be a parade through the market centre of Lancaster to raise public awareness and understanding of RE. Amongst those walking will be student teachers carrying placards with punchy statements about good RE as well as representatives of the different professional associations and communities of faith and belief. Local politicians have been invited.
A comprehensive walk booklet will describe the significance of each location, along with photographs, questions to ponder and a map. It will also include statements about the importance of RE plus the recommendations from the APPG Report. The booklet will enable individuals and groups to complete the walk at other convenient times. Arrangements are in hand for press and radio coverage.

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30th June 2013, 3.00pm
mediumThis walk will precede the AREIAC conference, but is open to any participants who would like to get involved. Proceeds from the walk will be divided equally between the RE Council and Parkinson's UK. 

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West Pennine Moors

17th May 2013, 4.00pm.
This walk will take place after the North of England RE Conference, although anyone is welcome to join. The route will begin in Bolton and run across the Turton Golf Course and into the West Pennine Moors. Proceeds from the walk will be donated to the RE Council and Action Homeless, a homelessness charity operating in the region. Further details to follow.

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